Chairman’s Message

It gives me pleasure to warmly welcome you all and to introduce Hikarie International to you.

Making a humble beginning, I would like to mention that we have successfully passed through a long journey year after year and placed ourselves to the present standing, what we are today. We have faced many great difficulties as a company but with our desire for success, endeavor and dedication we have been able to withstand all the outbreaks that come at us and keep on marching toward success.

Our Success was undoubtedly the combined efforts of our committed team, our valued customers, bankers, suppliers, investors, and our dealer network who are our partners in progress.

I am happy to inform that the company has not only been able to maintain its pace of growth steadily but also opened up new outlook by entering into strategic alliance with the large companies to diversify our business and to capture new business ventures. Both our manufacturing and trading operations witnessed good growth inspiring us to continue with our plans and strategies. The company looks to the future with optimism and plans to broaden its customer base.

We see endless opportunities and we aim at expanding our niches further in vulnerable centers across the country. Our efforts are to convert every spark of possibility into flames of achievement. Whatever your bond is with Hikarie International dealer, supplier, business partner, investor, passionate employee, buyer-we assure and will ensure sincerity, honesty, quality products and valuable services.

Having performed well in the past, there is hardly any ease. As we gear up for the next peak, our dedicated team is well prepared to combine the intent and action in right earnest.

I take this opportunity to thank all our customers, suppliers, business partners, investors, dealers and bankers for their continued support and maintaining excellent relations with our company network.

Hikarie Company Network